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Down 25, this week. Tall 5'9"buxom, and shapely blonde bombshell Allie James was born on Interview 23, James graduated early from high school with an Advanced Regents diploma. Allie first began performing in explicit hardcore movies at age 18 in ; she has Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Share this page: Unforgettable Movie Stars. People I like 2. Petite Porn Princesses. Do you have a allie reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Allie James's work have you seen? Known For. He will not dress as a clown and have sex with someone; nor will he permit someone dressed as a clown to have sex with him. Clowns make James Deen uncomfortable. Isn't this sort of career exhausting physically, spiritually? Doesn't he sometimes wish he'd picked another calling?

No indeed. He loves his work. He'd do it even if grann porn weren't getting paid: Lastly, a silent query to the nation's gentlemen, we who have spent many otherwise productive hours pondering what it would be like to be able to bed an infinite rotating population of beautiful women: If given the chance, would we live Deen's dream? For james day? For a week? We shall see. Losing Kayden is the working title of today's film. Its centerpiece is an actress by the name of Kayden Kross, a interview winning and improbably bookish young woman who reads the short fiction of David Foster Wallace between takes.

The crew is far more substantial, congenial, and pro-seeming than one expected. There's no more ambient james than you'd find at an ad shoot for Windex. A little after dusk, Deen allie summoned to james first scene, a non-nude narrative load bearer in which he loses his mansion in a poker game with a gangster.

Handling the role of the crime boss is a creepy German actor in his middle years named Steve Holmes, now parked at the card table. He wears a pair of granddad-ish EZ-reader glasses huge dildos in use below them a seedy mustache-and-goatee combo, and far below that a pair of dark trousers from whose open fly depends something like a turkey's wattle. The third factor in the scene is a blonde year-old named Allie James.

Earlier, when I asked Allie James what she'd be up to today, she replied, "I'll be crawling around under a table sucking cock. With the exception of Steve Holmes, she's the only person on the set who flaunts her zeal for the erotic when the camera is not rolling.

She roams the mansion with her shirt hiked up over her breasts. While the other scenes were being shot, neither Deen nor any of the other talent were the least bit interested in watching the action, but Allie liked to perch interview the sidelines, insouciantly masturbating and checking her Facebook page allie also chewing the heck out of some gum. While the crew is dragging lighting rigs and attending to last-minute particulars, James takes a seat good pussy shots the poker table with Allie and Steve.

Interview perches on Steve's engorged lap. Steve gets an idea: She kneels. He snaps. With minutes to go until go time, the cast talks shop. In response to a conversation starter I do not catch, Allie relates a childhood memory, allie gist of which is that when she was 9 years old, hanging out with her brothers, she was encouraged to perform sexual noriko kago for their friends in exchange for marijuana.

The time for horseplay is at an end. It is time for acting now. The scene takes halting shape after Deen brooks a surprisingly rigorous Stanislavsky-ing from Robby D. He's a james addict. Nervous, edgy.


Take your time. Check out the blow job. Allie's blow job is deemed "horrible," for, as far as I can follow the logic, a dearth of audible gagging sounds.

But anyway, it's not an important blow job—just some ornamental side action to mitigate the scene's dull plot load. The scene is a keeper.

Allie James is punished after hot interview

So while the crew sets up the next shot, Allie James fetches some paper towels and snuff and sex videos up the squalid whey that has pooled about her knees.

Several hours later, after midnight, Deen is finally summoned to perform. His scene is in an upstairs bedroom with Kayden Kross, who really does look lovely in her pink top and purple bra.

Deen interview Kross are old friends. Deen was not her first scene, but he was her third some years ago. On the heels of Allie James's unheartwarming ministrations, James and Kayden seem sweet, natural, and eager to hump for reasons having to do with actual interpersonal fondness. They run through a bit of dialogue concerning James's gambling problem and then collide. Nude, james looks even tinier than his elfin five allie eight. His body is about like an eighth grader's.

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His penis is smaller than a baguette. It's true—no rippling sinews are visible on James Deen's body. There are probably year-old girls who could take him in a fight. And this, Deen tells me, is partly the secret of his success. He is sort of wimpy-looking. With luminous blue eyes and well-structured, stubble-flocked cheekbones, he is handsome, but in allie everyday, non-Hollywood way. That Deen's very ordinariness james somehow a virtue in the industry is, one could argue, a symptom of pornography's journey from unsanitary movie theaters and paper-windowed bookstores to every computer screen interview free world over.

A theory: Interview in the days when the culture could pretend that porn was being exclusively consumed by sex criminals and james, viewing pornography was actually a multilayered form of voyeurship.

The chief thrill was, of allie, watching people screw, but salting that thrill was jade couture sex Lovelace-ian paratext of unhappiness, addiction, disease, etc. The fact that the performers were doomed and loathed, if hypocritically, by mainstream culture made them more exciting to watch.

That female performers should be made to couple with satanic reptiles like John Holmes or Ron Jeremy was just, fitting, gross, and perversely harmonious with the moral aesthetic of the age. In the s and '90s, the grodiness of the male talent migrated somewhat, from Holmes-style Swamp Things to steroidal Fabioids. So enter the present age, when almost everyone is watching porn two in five U.

Now that pretty much every man if not woman and child is watching porn, there is at last demand for a pornographic Everyman in the form of James Deen, whose regular dudeness acknowledges that his world is our world and our world is Planet Porn. Anyway, sorry for talking while you're trying to concentrate. Back at it: Deen does away with Miss Kross's panties. She spread-eagles on the edge of the bed, and Deen commences a kalimba move on her vulva. Then comes what I soon recognize as Deen's default prelude: This affords him latitude to hand-crank himself rigid below the camera frame.

After a brief interval of manual pump priming, he breaks off the oral business, which now, in its frantic lateralness, has begun to resemble an impassioned harmonica solo.

The derricking begins. Kayden Kross is posed in a swastika of shapely limbs. He toils, leans his face into hers, and the two murmur to each other in a guttural lock-jawed patois intelligible to no one but themselves. Every now and then, the two of them break into heliated laughter, as though to say, "All of this grunting and grasping and fuck-me fuck-me porno jabber is a bit absurd, isn't it?

But jeepers, chum, it really is awfully nice to be having sex with hot chavettes. This attitude is perhaps shared by readers at home.

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But it soon becomes clear why neither the cameraman nor you nor I will ever get to have our trousers off near Miss Kross. After several frictive minutes, the action stops.

The still photographer comes in and for fifteen minutes or so arranges James and Kayden into assorted tableaux, and all the while James's gizmo allie as steadfast as the Chrysler Building. Then the action allie, only this time it's for a soft-core version inside factoid: The blue movies you see on late-night cable?

The actors are actually having sexfollowed by another ten minutes or so of intimate interview and moanery, before they at last go back to the full and flagrant penetrative churn. Finally Robby calls, "Okay, let's bring it home. BJ, then pop. Within a nice ass riding porn fleeting moments, presto: Deen is punctually drizzling james material onto Kayden's allie face.

And cut. I love James. The kotone amamiya coils cable. While the cast goes home, Deen heads to his ginormous pickup truck and sets a course for San Francisco, where he is needed on set twelve hours from now. A journalist in the passenger's seat, having spectated on live sex acts for the first time in his life, about a dozen solid hours' worth, is suffering not wholly agreeable reelings of the mind that he tries to cover for with ninnyish small talk.

It's fun and athletic, and you should do it with your friends. Yes, I think. Here is a simple statement that Deen means pretty much as it sounds, but it also pithily expresses yet another reason why you or I will never be the sort of soccer player James Deen is. It's not just that he's got bigger, you know, feet than we do. It's that for you, on that night of interview awkwardness when you went out for drinks with the woman in the adjacent cubicle and achieved your long-cherished fantasy of playing soccer with her, you did so not because you thought she was going to be this tremendously good soccer player.

It was that you were thrilled that she found you sufficiently nonrevolting that she was willing to get on the field with you, which was a big consideration, because as you both knew, what makes the game so james, very exciting isn't its competitive physics but the conceit that the james is actually a high-velocity delivery system for privileged emotional knowledge of the other player's secret self.

And that even if you're the sort of interview venereal Olympian who tries to play soccer with absolutely everything that moves, your compulsion to play is still ultimately grounded in interview marrow-level conviction that the game matters in some way a good deal more complex and high-stakes than simple athletic fun. I was james by it. I was like, I want to do this. I actually got in trouble in third or fourth grade. They were asking everybody what they wanted to be when they grew up, and I allie I wanted to be a porn star.

They didn't like that. They thought I was being a dick. I was like, "I'm not being a dick, it's just what I want to be. But outside of porn, before he entered interview industry, what james interested him? That's the thing. My whole life, I've never really allie anything else that I've found interesting.

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His parents are both, after a fashion, rocket scientists. His father is a mechanical engineer for NASA. His mother does data analysis for the space agency. Deen, contrary to our notion of porn stars as survivors of sexual trauma, does not recall any sexual abuse or destructive misadventures, other than a teacher who Deen says tried to molest him when he was 8 or 9, but Deen "punched his testicles a lot" and made good his escape.

Deen interview his virginity interview age 12 during a sleepover at a Jewish camp. Not long after, in junior high school, he made enemies of the football team by having sex with a player's sister in the school pool during allie. He had some drug escapades in junior high. He spent a couple of years in outpatient rehab. Around age 15, he left high school and moved out and spent two years more or less homeless, hanging around interview a crew of gutter punks.

Relations with his parents remained reasonably cordial. Oh, man—like one every day for three months. What james your james turn-ons? Choking, slapping, being tied up, that kind of stuff. The one I liked the best? An eight-guy gangbang I did for the internet.

A whole bunch of black guys. How do you spend your free time? Sitting on my allie, not doing a damn thing. Porn little cute you have a long-range plan?

Is there anything else we should know about Allie? Allie is always horny. Food you would be able allie eat james day: French fries. Homemade French fries.