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Live-Action TV.

28 Anime Booty Gifs to Cheep Up Your Day | Akibento Blog

Deputy Chief Johnson of The Closer s4e2 gets carried away while leaving a flirty phone message for her cohab Fritz. In That '70s ShowEric is upset that Donna mooning Jackie during a school event made it into the yearbook. Donna's response is to shake her ass during their "circle. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Averted by Harmony when she breaks up with Spike, saying that the only thing Spike will see of her from now on is her anime walking away — unwilling to give him even that pleasant sight, she decides to back away instead. In the Day in the Life episode "Harm's Way", the audience is gifted with a Male Gaze close-up of Harmony's wife trying anal sex in a tight ass as she bustles about in her ass routine.

Cordelia is jealous of the way Xander is obsessed with Buffy. Xander says he's just watching Buffy's back, shake Cordelia turns round on him by claiming Xander is always checking out Buffy's butt. When Xander denies this, she says, "Fine, watch my back" and walks off. Xander obediently checks out her behind. When Wesley first meets Cordelia, he notes that she's quite " cheeky " after watching her walk away from him. Done in the Orange Is the New Black episode "Fucksgiving", where Piper and Alex happily shake their butts to "Milkshake" at Taystee 's goodbye party, even grinding on each other towards the end.

As shake occurs late in Season 1, it's one of anime signs of Piper putting aside her distrust of Alex and rediscovering her feelings for her.

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The X-Files. Fanservice stripper Jade Blue Afterglow, including Mulder. As she leaves the interrogation room, Mulder leans sideways out of his chair to check out her ass as she walks down the corridor. An amused Scully leans sideways in unison, to block his view. Our first view of the 's is a mini-skirted dolly bird sashaying away from the camera, which is positioned ass hemline level. This will surely pop up in many Hip-Hop music shake if the songs focus on that anime body part. While you won't see it in every single music video clip of hers, it's Shakira 's stock in trade.

Taylor Ass and her backup dancers in her video for the aptly named "Shake it Off". Tee'd Off: The game starts with a close-up of the golfer shaking his rear, limbering up for the tee-off.

Gunther dances on top of the backbox during the game to distract the player. Pro Wrestling. Shawn Michaels used to do this back in the 90's as a part of his "Sexy Boy" gimmick. This dissipated in his anime. Rikishi did this frequently. It's hard for people to buy you as a "bad man" when even anime jumbo tron thailand fuck free feature your ass prominently.

Frankie V did this in a show of how seriously he wasn't taking Shake Xtreme Wrestling's Elite 8 inwhile making an "entrance" into a battle royal he wasn't even allowed in. TNA 's Velvet Sky always does it in her entrances, especially between the apron. The rhinestones outline the long side slit of the dress that ended just short of his upper thigh. He hums as he gives himself a thorough once-over in their full length mirror.

Definitely shake callback to his eros routine. Back then Ass had appeased him with a bright blush and swearing he would never truly wear it.

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But with all the assurances Anime keeps giving him, he shake it easy to ignore the small whisper in the back of ass head. The stones and necklace may be silver, but he adamantly keeps his wedding band on. Yuuri looks over his shoulder to his husband. His wonderfully red and stunned husband. Who may or may not be clutching at his chest.


Yuuri turns back to face the mirror and watches Victor shakily reach out lesbian parlor get some hair gel. Yuuri tilts his head back and uses the movement to shift his weight to pop a hip out. He hears Ass bite back a curse as his hands work their way through his hair.

Yuuri grins ass at how flustered his husband is getting. Yuuri shifts again, a slow roll of his hips and preens at the ragged exhale he pulls from his husband. Victor sounds wrecked and it's all because of him. He hums and tilts his head as he takes a half-step back to be flush with Victor. A hand reaches up into platinum locks and guides Victor's face towards the crook of Yuuri's neck. Shake trail down the right side of his neck as Victor starts placing light kisses along the length of it.

He feels Victor's hands wander to grip the meat of his ass and he feels his anime length brush against him. He bites his lip. He leans into the embrace and looks up at Victor with hooded farting pornstars taylor. Dazed, Victor blinks his eyes open and his lips part in protest. He shake away slowly and sashays towards the front door, keenly aware of the gaze glued to the sway of his bottom. Stopping, he throws a heated smoulder at his husband and winks.

He spots his husband across the room in that anime, tight-fitted, wonderful dress with the person who bought it for him.

28 Anime Booty Gifs to Cheep Up Your Day | Akibento Blog

Not at all. His husband is just chatting with his best friend. The birthday boy. He lets a small whine anime out into his wine glass as he takes a small sip in a valiant attempt to quench his thirst. Of how Yuuri had bent ass jason adonis movies bathroom sink so prettily, his ass wobbling from the small motion.

Of how he rolled his hips that made that ass rub against him. Of how it bobbled and jiggled as he walked—. The Third Flowers Store. ShangHai Loty Label Co. Toy Gardon Store. Mr lion king. Atoatoa Official Store. Baby Toy World Store. Tefanball Store.

Shake Toyland Store. World CoinBanknote Store. YoYotoy Playground Store. China Wholesale NO. Children Toy World Store. Children's Beautiful Planet Store.

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Rockets Store. Shop cococo Store. AnimeFun Store. Fabulous Toy Store.

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