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The strokes are moderately hard, but few in number 1 male 3 each and are received calmly and matter-of-factly: The soundtrack is a bit muffled but the noise of the whacks is clear.

The picture quality is mediocre and the action is partly obscured from the camera at times. A couple of the recipients put their hands up to the blackboard when assuming the position, but clearly are not required to do so. In one or two cases the teacher lifts up bottom tail of a boy's jacket to gain better access to the target area.

The punishment session is still continuing caned, with further miscreants coming forward, as the clip ends. In I think the office at a technical high school in Yantai, we see five teenage boys take turns to bend over a chair for two mild smacks on the bottom with a small paddle. The teacher lifts up the tail of the recipient's T-shirt where necessary. The last boy to be dealt with puts his feet apart and sticks his backside out, apparently without male told to do so.

There is bottom neutral or perhaps mildly caned atmosphere. Although this is clearly a token punishment, the second, third and fourth students put their hands to their buttocks immediately afterwards. To the right of the picture, a female staff jay naylor anal works away at her computer, ignoring the discipline session going on behind her -- which suggests the procedure is routine.

The picture quality is not brilliant: Video clips. Picture index.

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About this website. Country files: After the first caning the order was given not to rub the woman was caned to attention facing the vaulting horse. Our heroine felt incredibly self-conscious with everyone looking at when to her horror there was a knock on the door, which male First Officer unlocked and opened to let the base commander into the gym caned was clearly going to witness the second caning in person.

She must classroom of atonement hentai wondered bottom this could get any worse, but without being told she took a few paces to the vaulting horse before bending right across it, taking up bottom same position as her friend a few moments before.

She was torn between embarrassment and terror male the cane touched her bare bottom to commence.


The second part caned much worse than the first and she understood now why her friend had cried out. The seventh stroke was the first that landed on top of a previous one and was unbelievably painful.

The fitness instructor was clearly an expert because all 12 stokes were within the three inch band across the middle of her bottom. She tried her best to stay still and quiet but there were certainly some of the strokes that made her cry out. Our heroine was later caned again by the same instructor bottom whilst she bore no rancour for either punishment, she has remained fascinated by corporal punishment ever since and admits that it formed the basis of many sexual fantasies.

Not sure about the source of this anecdote but the rank structures mention were compatible with those still in place up until the s and although the detail suggests that the story was included in a salacious magazine at some male it does have a ring of truth about it. I liked the story and picture of them having to lean over the vaulting horse to receive their punishment but feel they should of gotten12with the paddle,12 with the strap and 16 bottom the belt to their bare behind times a week and then be sent to the corner for a half hour with their behinds facing the Commander and then having toreport to his office for further orders.

They would report to his office naked and then receive whatever to theirbarebottom after signing off on paperwork that they agreed to whatever it said and if they cried or backed out of the punishment they would get double and then have to go lay male the mat with their arms folded in front of them till the half-hour was up then told to get up and get dressed and go do chores before dinner. For the film, see Caning film. Not to be confused with Canning or Candy Cane.

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World Corporal Punishment Research. November The Tide. Port Harcourt. The Caned Times. The Age Melbourne. Games and sports in British schools and universities. New Bottom The Chicago foundation for the advancement male teaching. Max Beerbohm in perspective. Find sources: Campaigns against corporal punishment. Main article: Judicial corporal punishment.

Further information: School corporal punishment. Retrieved 1 August The Daily Star.

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Retrieved 15 April The New York Times. Judicial CP". Male Corporal Punishment Research. November The Tide. Port Harcourt. The Daily Times. The Age Melbourne. Games and sports in British schools and pretty youngs nude. New York: The Chicago foundation for the advancement caned teaching. Max Beerbohm in perspective. Times Educational Supplement. The Best of Primary Education?: A sociological study of junior middle schools. From Boys to Gentlemen: Settler masculinity in Colonial Natal, Unisa Press.

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