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Blablurn Member. May 20, 5, 0 Do you like Pop music at all? Dec 6, 23, 0 0 LA, California animalcollective. I will let Google judge your sentiments. Dice Gold Member. Jun 6, 35, 1, 2, You think we're fapping to them?


Vox-Pop Contains Sucralose. Mar 4, 11, 0 0. You find me j-porn stars that look like that? Except for the two uglies in that band, keep them away from me. Dec 2, 9, 0 0.

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Aug 31, 2, 0 For the record, I do watch porn. Most of the porn I like doesn't have Asian girls in it though. Wario64 works for Gamestop lol. Jun 6, 74, 3 0. Blablurn said:. Dice said:. Plywood NeoGAF's smiling token!

Vote: SNSD member that you fapped to the most?

May 27, 58, 1 0. Pein Banned. Dec 2, 8, 0 0 NYC. I enjoy boy bands and pop music, kpop fills those needs. I dunno about all the gifs but its no different then what creepy gaf does. Dec 6, 9, 0 0.

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Plywood said:. Replicant Member. Mar 20, 28, 0 0. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

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Getting Started Junior Member 83 posts Joined: Report Top Quote Reply. Look at all my stars!! Getting Started Junior Member posts Joined: It's like ABC. No Yuri? Everybody was mad with her during Snsd's peak. I'd change her for Yeonwoo since she has been famous for like 4 months.

The rest is credible i guess, even tho i think Seolhyun should move to 1. Mar 6, Messages: I'll only believe you that it was an official poll if you post the male version as well.

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Mar 5, Messages: Buddy Gang Location: Can you tell why? From Youku: Comments From Youku: This many girls standing in a line, it feels a bit like choosing a prostitute at the sauna. The guy yells so disgustingly. Who is that??? What is with your fucking oh oh oh oh oh-ing!

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sooyoung is no. Can you post more pictures to prove your ranking.? Posted September 13, Seohyun has more boobs than Taeyeon. I think I need to share this.