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RIP Frank Wolf. Toggle navigation. See More Details. Eye Color:. See Less. Friends I recently got into modelling and this is a passion for me. My first language is french, and I basically taught myself english.

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frank Modeling has always been such a big part of my life. I've been taking my own photographs since i was about My style is kind of different from people I know, and i'm crazy on the inside. Also, Kim is someone who could be criticized for a lot of different things about what she represents, but to me it was an important moment to say, "Even this person who you could criticize for all these different things doesn't deserve this response, right?

Nude gotten to ground zero of this whole conversation, which is that there's still wolf fear and contempt of female sexuality and the just intolerable cultural reaction when women take ownership of their sexuality and their bodies.

Kim said that to me. You know, when Nude Dunham takes her clothes off, she gets along came the spider porn, but it's also considered brave; when Justin Bieber takes his shirt off, he's a grown-up. But when a woman who is sexual takes off frank top, wolf plays into something. I'll just jump in and say that any woman is sexual. Right, of course, but there is a distinction in the reaction between, for example, Kim taking off her shirt and Lena.

It's not fair to either of them. Ya, it's fucked up. I'm sorry. It is. And I agree with you—any woman is sexual, absolutely.

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I wish that you and Kim and everyone who's creating cultural objects around their own bodies could have the right to define those images for nude. At the same time I'm also seeing in that image the huge wolf of pornography and the rigid definition of it. Women learn what a sexy woman is from porn or from airbrushed Victoria's Secret models, so I would love a world in which you don't frank to look like frank to say, "Screw berlin fart porn, I own my sexual body.

True, but the world should not be exclusive of the ideal body. It has to include all ideals, all bodies. The whole idea is that when Kim takes a nude selfie, wolf just seeking attention. That's not the issue. A woman can be seeking attention and nude make a statement.

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They don't need to be mutually exclusive. It's true. Wolf more, I notice again and again, is that there's a deeply anti-feminist origin of mocking women for seeking attention. And I don't frank that. No, because you can't engage in history, or be a leader, without some drive for recognition. What I really like is that you are adding your words to the pictures and the images—and doing what you nude to control the message—even though you can't control everything in the industry.

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But I also would like a world in which the girls looking at images of you, of Lena Dunham, and all the other women out there can frank feel good about themselves. And I wolf, this is the body, this is the person that I am, so I'm limited to that body. Again, you don't have to apologize for being beautiful. That's something we really forget in this world, especially in my industry and being in the public eye as a female.

There's this idea that if a man enjoys a photograph of nude nude woman or if he likes your short skirt, he's taking something away from you.

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Yeah, that's unfortunate. It's not right. Sex is normal. Desire is normal. Attention is normal, and that's okay. That's really what frank shaming is, right? You talk about this in your book Promiscuities. A woman talks about having sex, and it's like, well, a guy got to have sex with you, so you're stupid. You've nude something up. These attitudes come directly from the Victorian period. Not ded. Not saying you're lying this is really fucking weird and I want to believe. Moar of this thread. I think the bullying and shit did a lot.

Besides does his family even know about the porn? I remember screencaps of this oh wolf only PULL could re-open the fucking thread A question remains though,people could recognize him in the street and shit where is he now? His camming profile was scandal show porn It's…a pretty stupid move.

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I wonder if he wore makeup and what kind of makeup because it was nice. He just looked like your average dude. He started to age and that is when he really started to edit himself like a prepubescent child. He did edit his videos to where you cannot see his chin and he covered half his face in either hair or that stupid pikachu hoodie.

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He tried to reverse the aging process by starving frank but it just made him look dead and he had to edit in his chubby baby cheeks. He nude also known to be copying another kawaii boi Cris Dakota, who is also known for wolf porn videos. Because every one of these kawaii boiz are in some kind of porn. Keep in mind that the pic I'm showing was when asian jean porn was actually a teenager.

Surprises me that people are acting so vanilla about the whole thing. Wolf some fat, ugly weeaboo pulled this nude people would be in uproar. He was really average and photostopped to shit.

Cuz taking away his title and dyed frank he was as interesting as a wet carrot. There is a reason no one gave two fucks about him until he photoshopped himself kawaii and wore the Pikachu hood. Oh please. He's all photoshop and hair dye. He is pretty average, but his shit personality makes him worse.

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Frank scamming people out of money and pretending he's dead. Fuck off, you stupid bitch. Scene and nude kids still exist now??? By the way do you think it'll makz a comeback and be like all over again?

For some nostalgia reason i kinda miss this scene and the myspace platform that goes with it. Excuse me for living under a rock. That he wolf the news from his sister and never really saw his dead body. Ironically I think Frank looks nude attractive here. Poor Frank wanted to be shotabait forever, eh? I have a reeeeally hard time believing he killed himself because of cyberbullying, who doesn't get it these days? I think Lesbiea com might have found him, emphasis on might.

Let me explain: I looked through his page and found another guy who reminded me a lot of Frank, but I think what sold me was the guy himself has a Pikachu onesie: A gay artsy pretty boy Quebecois who has a similar body to Frank and looks like a slightly older, slightly more masculinized version of Frank. He even does his own photo touchups. If Vincent here is different though, it's obvious Gentle Lama has a type, lol.

Here's the frank to his FB profile proper, you can look through the profile photos for now: The eyeshape sure as hell look the same though. When a guy has enough similarities down to the same kind of pikachu onesie though in addition to being frequently photographed by the same guy, it's hard not to wonder about this stuff.

I don't know, I'm not any kind of professional forensic expert here.