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Adult Written by Dizzyrex May 2, I think that Flight Simulator X is a great way fsx experience flying expect not really flying on a real airplane. Take a noobish airplane to a massive jumbo jet, Continue reading.

Report teen review. Adult Written by tbone09 February 1, Teen, 14 years old Written by Wiki55 February 19, Microsoft Flight Simulator This is a very good game that can be played as single player, or if wanted, multiplayer.

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Teen really recommend it for kids interested in planes. Teen, 13 years old Written by mficl12 April 9, Its ok Fsx game shouldn't be rated by age, it's just how much you know about aviation. Yes, i do know a lot about planes, flying, navigation, everything. What's it about? Is it any good? Talk to your kids about Game details Platforms: Windows Price: Available online Developer: Microsoft Release date: October 18, Genre: Simulation ESRB rating: All together, this is a very good game that i think portrays flying very realistically and every fan of flight sims should buy!

Kid, 10 years old Xxx elinika 10, Good for aviation enthusiasts This title contains: Kid, 12 years old June 23, Great Game But Fsx For Kids Flight Simulator X displays incredible realism, such as a detailed 3D cockpit view, Air traffic control, and dozens of buttons, most of which do things I don't even know about.

A 10 yead old would have a very hard time playing this. Teen, 14 years old Written by Bob Clear April 30, Great game I have been playing this game sinceand it teaches you about aircraft and how amazing they are.

Free flight is for anyone, but if you want japanese softcore videos do the more complicated missions, you actually teen to know about plane systems and how it works.

Teen, 14 years old Written by rpg August 29, Very good game If you reaaly interested of planes i recomend this game. Teen, 13 years old Written by nsvv April 30, A good product but too complex for under 14s. MS Flight simulator X is a very realistic and well made flight simulator, but like all simulators it is extremely complex, and pointless for anybody under the age of 14ish.

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However, before you buy this product consider an alternative: FlightGear is a more powerful simulator that allows advanced users to share self-built planes and maps, allowing a virtually infinite amount of content. The best thing about FlightGear? It's completely free. However, it is a very complex product and really is only appropriate for 14s or over.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by dr duck September 5, Simple flight simulator is easy to play, hard to master Fsx open chat, but people hardly ever swear. Teen, 14 years old Written by jack August 20, Great game, but can be confusing for younger kids It is a very realistic and great simulator, but With realism comes real-life teen. For very young kids, they won't be able to understand the game well enough to enjoy it.

University of Chicago Press. Retrieved April 15, Systems like VATSIM are apparently very strict experiences, however, with standards for training and currency that can be more intense and involved than some pilots want to undertake. Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots. John Wiley and Sons.

The Daily Gleaner. Retrieved March 24, InSite Solutions Tas.

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Pty Teen. Transforming Legal Education. Ashgate Publishing. Intersection of Anthropology and Economics. Retrieved July 14, Retrieved March 28, Aeronautical Journal. University of California. Retrieved May 7, Retrieved April 14, Retrieved October 19, Teen Gamer. GP Publications.

Sydney Morning Herald. Fsx January 14, Transforming legal pleasuring myself How cool is this?!? This would be something my fsx year old might enjoy trying.

Not sure as a career, but fun to do at least once. Very cool that it is free, too! Visit the youngeagles. And let me know how they enjoy it! What an amazing program! A life changing experience for any young person whether they ultimately enter the field of aviation or not. Very cool!

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Your little family is amazing. You follow your kids interests which in turn makes them really interesting! The Young Eagles Program for year olds is something. I liked the application of pilot skills — good for discussion between kids fsx parents. And teen you top it off with EAA for continuing education and free museum visits. What a package! What a fun program!

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Experience of a lifetime— and a great way to recruit the next generation of flight personnel! That looks great! My dad and brother are pilots, so I have been able to fly in some small aircraft with them before. It was always fun!

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We would fly over our house and other places we knew. This is so cool! My daughter is too young now but teen would love this. Maybe this is different! My children would love to fsx this! They are just the right ages to really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing! Hi Margaret! I just wanted to let you know that I think you have one great blog!