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Unlock the Battle Speed Up Function. Important Unlocked Portrait: Daily Pack: Unlock sending Red Roses to friends. Unlock 10x Draw in Casino.

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Accelerate an Auto-battle 3 times per day. Important Earn a random purple hero after cloning a certain amount ashley michelle nude heroes in the Gene Vip.

Unlocked Portrait: Accelerate an Auto-battle by an additional 1 time per day, up to a maximum of 4. The winners will get the result through email and the Leaderboard winnings will be added as real chips which are the. We reserve the right to modify, alert, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice to players. Can I play on more than one leaderboard at a time? What if I want to withdraw from the race after I deposit my amount with the deposit code?

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What are the criteria for calculating the Leaderboard points? What do you mean by minimum VIP points criteria? What if two players share the same VIP points at the end of the race?

How can I cashout my leaderboard winnings? To unlock this set you will need to be a level 4 VIP.

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Here are all the items that are included in the set: You need to be VIP level 9 before you will unlock these items: You will need to be VIP level 13 before you the unlock this set.

Here are all the items that are included in this vip Daily Rainbow Cake Slices You will get rainbow cakes daily to keeps a sim inspired for 24 hours.

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Daily Monument Resource Depending on your VIP level you will earn one or two daily monument resources daily that will allow you to work towards the Islands monuments.

Time Extension You will be able to extend time on a the or hobby event for another 24 hours. Free Hobby Vip Spins This will allow you to do a free hobby lucky spin. Sirrian already gave us the point reqs and someone translated to dollars: I need help constructing a VIP Rewards guide. Ok updated, my mistake was to start VIP from level 0. Those images above do not seem accurate… My current screen shows to go from 3 to 4 is only VIP points??

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I did the math after I posted and realized that. Where did the OP get those images??? Just curious….