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Hence, personnel safety should be given constant attention. As for any species, semen should be evaluated immediately following collection for gross abnormalities such as blood. Normal values and ranges for stallion semen are presented below. Semen Evaluation As for any species, semen should be evaluated immediately following collection for gross abnormalities such as blood.

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Semen Collection from a Stallion Using Manual Stimulation

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As smooth as melting chocolate, this young stallion is an athlete for the dressage arena, with generations of good British Breeding overlaid by the impressive performance blood of Dante Weltino. Cobra 18 is genetically superb. This service is extremely popular with stallion owners as it offers a much broader opportunity for the distribution of semen across the UK and Europe. To us, every visiting and resident horse is a VIP.

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It is a tubular, hand-held canister with a latex liner. There is a collection apparatus on one end, usually including a filter to keep out the gel part of the ejaculate. Busy facilities employing AI generally use stocks, as they help keep the mare still and straight, making it safer for the person performing the artificial insemination.

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The stocks are usually made of metal pipe, and they are equipped with a padded kickboard at mid-gaskin level to protect the veterinarian or handler at the making and horse self-injury. The stocks are set in concrete with nonslip mats underfoot. Stocks can also be fashioned by placing the mare in her stall with her hindquarters positioned in the doorway and hay bales at her hocks to protect the handlers. A phantom or dummy can take the mare out of the semen collection equation. The phantom mare must be big enough that the stallion can balance himself on it.

Many breeding sheds lead in an in-heat mare to arouse the stallion before diverting him to the dummy. Another useful device is the pH meter, an electronic instrument used in klixen german porn case to measure the acidity or alkalinity of semen.

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