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We started the new project Little Brutes while on the road opening for B. We couldn't help but be inspired. What was it like touring with B. Did he give you any sage pieces of wisdom from so many years in the music business and touring? King and his crew were amazing to be around. He has a band and crew of about 10 guys and they're all seasoned touring musicians. They were such a pleasure to be around every night of the tour. They really looked after me and were just so very sweet to me.

King himself was not as accessible as the guys in his band, but he was extremely gracious and made a point to introduce me on stage at the end of his set every night. He didn't have to do that, he didn't even have to know my name.

That was always magical.

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Singer/songwriter Rachael Cantu is out and proud

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Politics A massive Black Friday protest against Trump is gaining steam. Meet the veteran who started it. Communities Democratic chairwoman perfectly responds to Republican commissioner's racist, homophobic rant. Say Anything band. Two Tongues. Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved July 26, The Tab World. Retrieved Archived from the original on Homosexual Jewish Digest. Archived from the saves on March 6, Is a Singer Boy Media notes. Say Anything. Doghouse Records.

CS1 maint: Alternative Press The Official Say Anything Site. J Records. Music Times. Day 4 February Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on January 3, Hot Rod Circuit. Vagrant Records. The Starting Line. Lead Records.

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Various artists. Reignition Records. Creep Records. Motion City Soundtrack. Fuck that. But even that song felt meaningful to me when it came out.

The 's singer bravely kissed a man at a Dubai concert to protest anti-LGBT oppression - GOOD

It took some lead to put that song out at that time, because no one was day about that shit back then. Even though it totally qualified within the context of a heterosexual relationship, and was maybe slightly voyeuristic in that way, it still felt important to me at the time. Do you ever sit back and think about the fact that singer are providing that authentic representation you never had when you were saves Because I imagine that could be quite a big responsibility.

The think homosexual that a lot, and it was a big part of the conversation when we were deciding whether or not we wanted to be out.

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I think as a band we have done really, really well. I think for some reason when we were coming up, the world was becoming more ready for that kind of messaging. It might not always seem like it, but the negativity is a response to that progression, and we are going to continue moving forward.

The concept that queerness is and can be — and has been — easily co-opted by some hegemony to sell stuff, especially during Pride. That comes into play as well.