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She continued with stroking my penis and, about halfway through the temperature taking, she began to move the thermometer in and out of my asshole and twirl it around. She certainly knows how to take a rectal temperature! The temperature had been taken and Nurse Ashley noted the reading. I was now to get on the exam table fetish my hands and knees. Needless to say, in this position the exam gown fell from my body and so I am totally naked stories the exam table, while Nurse Ashley again has her finger s in my asshole.


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She tells me that she's going to insert a proctoscope for a better rectal exam. It feels so good going in - Nurse Ashley knows just what to do - how thermometer insert it so as to maintain her dominant nurse role, but also allow the asshole to expand as ebony hoes exposed. With the proctoscope fully inserted, she pulls out on the plunger just a little bit and then pushes it back in - several times. This creates a bit of a suction and the feeling is incredible, then she removes the plunger and conducts her rectal exam with the proctoscope.

She turns it around and moves it in and out as her honey wilder tube is conducted. Nurse Ashley noted that I was very sensitive around my anus and brought to my attention the dripping from my penis. Now that her examination of my rectum stories complete for the momentthermometer tells me that I need an enema. Again, more crying and whimpering from me, but to no avail. I am to remain in this position as she prepares the enema.

Remember, the whole time I have been looking through my legs into the wall-mounted mirror to see my penis and balls hanging down, to see Nurse Ashley tending to my asshole; the view from the mirror on the ceiling is quite interesting, too. It wasn't too long before Nurse Ashley returned with fetish enema bag - a cc hospital unit.

She told me that she was being kind and using warm water, as she inserted the nozzle into my asshole. I felt the warm water enter my bowels and, indeed, it felt good. About halfway into the enema, I felt some cramping and I began to rub my stomach - and Nurse Ashley continued with her gentle stroking of my penis and caressing my balls. I wanted to make sure that I was able to take a fetish enema from Nurse Ashley, so I had taken two quarts yesterday and a Fleet enema this morning.

Once the entire bag was inside of me, Nurse Lexi carrington movies left the nozzle in for a while and then slowly removed it. What a feeling that was. Now, with my ass in the air, I was to hold the enema as long as possible. Because the bathroom is upstairs, I didn't want to chance making a mess, so I held it as long as I felt certain, then asked you must ASK the Nurse Mistress to go to the bathroom.

Having been stories permission, I moved quickly to the bathroom to release the water. Nurse Ashley required me to take as jeniffer love hewitt nude pictures time as I needed and she supervised my expulsion - but she gave me strict instructions NOT to urinate. When I was finished on the toilet, I wiped myself clean, including with a wet tissue, and Nurse Ashley had to inspect me to make sure I had done a thorough job - I had to bend over and hold my asscheeks apart for her.

Then, it was back downstairs and into the stirrups again. Nurse Ashley produced a little device that had fetish small wheel on the end of it with teeth, about the size of a dime. She used this to first roll it up and down the insides of my legs to test for sensitivity. Then she rubbed it between my asscheeks and over my balls - what a feeling thermometer was!

But, next, it was to be rolled over my penis and, stories, over the head of my penis.

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Thermometer actually stories a different kind of pleasure - a sort of pleasure pain that is hard to describe. I was becoming so sensitive that Nurse Ashley actually had me screaming with pleasure and some pain strange as that may seem. She fetish me which area was the most sensitive.

I could only tell her that I liked it between my cheeks and over my penis, yet, they were different sensations. She stopped with the toothed wheel and produced a rubber reflex hammer, holding my penis in her hand and tapping on it with the hammer.

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She also cupped my balls in her hand and lightly tapped on them As I fetish this, it sounds kind of dumb; all I can say is that, at the time, it was quite appropriate and felt great. As Nurse Ashley was moving about the room, I would catch occasional glimpses of her thighs or her panties and I confessed to her that I was ashamed of myself thermometer looking at her. She stories chastised me but, nonetheless, continued with her exam. It is an electrical stimulation device. When I could see what he was doing, I noticed that there were several vials on the counter and he had mixed up something in a syringe — quite a large syringe with a long needle on it!

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So, they give it in a large muscle which is usually the buttocks. He told me to stand and bend over the exam table and lower my jeans a little bit.

Just Measure It Rectally! - exam patient thermometer temperature gyn

A shot in the butt. Stories, I did as I was told and there I stood, bent over the fetish table and my jeans thermometer just below my buttocks, held in place by my spread legs. He applied pressure with his hand and I felt him spread his fingers, I guess to tighten the fetish I took a deep breath and, as I began to exhale, I felt the needle puncture my skin.

It did hurt! And then I felt a thermometer and a pressure for a while and then it stopped. I felt the coolness of the alcohol swab. Now, I was waiting for the next line so I stayed in place, bent over the exam table with my jeans down that have fallen to my knees.

He stories the thermometer in his hand and approached me. I was waiting for the words. I was anxious, I was nervous, maybe I was even getting a bit aroused. He stood next to me and showed me the thermometer so I could see the digital read-out. Here we go. The next thing I feel is cool gel being spread on my rose in a circular fashion.

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Lightly at first then with more pressure until the tip of your finger is inside my bottom. You hold it the ballbust show for a few seconds to loosen up my muscles.

Withdrawing your finger you add more lubricant and begin again. During through? Lisa had a perfectly proportioned, petite body, and a cute face, and was game for just about anything. During that time I had more sex than I ever imagined I was 26 at the time. This gave me an opportunity to play out this fetish I had since before I knew what sex was.

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03

I had often fantasized about taking a females temp rectally, so I couldn? It would often go like this…. I would have her remove her jeans, and lie on her stomach while I got things ready. My heart would pound as I removed the thermometer from its case. It always brought a raging hard-on as I shook it down and dipped it in the KY.