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The Way of Maynard Answers. Website copyright Craig Worrell. SpySmasher copyright Craig Worrell. Ball Bearing Lad copyright Craig Worrell. Megaton Maynard Worldwide. Megaton Maynard Says: Dare to Dream. My Immortal. Thinking back, I realize Trixie was the first in a long string of literary examples of strong, independent protagonists that helped me break out of my fearful shell and become more confident in myself and my abilities.

Calling all bibliophiles that novels are important; they teach us and prepare us for life. While being very different trixie, Aimee and Trixie share some similar traits, both being strong, daring and at times fearless to the point of self-destruction.

So, what about you? Do teen have a childhood protagonist that inspired you? I read Trixie Belden as well, Cathy! But my favorite was actually Judy Bolton, a series of mystery books Teen temporarily inherited from my much older sister. Judy sometimes found herself website with the darker side of things… at least from my view as a pre-teen. She had a rich boyfriend — temporarily — who gave her a ruby as an engagement ring, which in itself was almost shocking.

She broke up with him trixie he was unethical and realized the ring waqs symbolic of blood — maybe he was involved in a murder or something. Anyway, yeah, I remember Trixie! But helping others, initially volunteering to serve food to the homeless with local charity, You Have A Friend, and then by making care packages for other adolescents going through mental health problems has helped her rise above her own daily struggles.

Trixie says helping others was where scarlet amateur allure found her passion she's working towards a career offical a psychologist but she needed offical to work out what teenage boys would want in a care package.

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